Travis Scott Hints At Upcoming “AstroWorld” Album

Travis Scott continues to drop off hints that his upcoming “Astroworld” album is coming.
If you follow Travis Scott on social media, then you know he’s been teasing us with his AstroWorld album over the past few weeks, including yesterday’s preview of an upcoming song, and now he just did it again Wednesday night.

La Flame posted a picture of Houston’s old Six Flags theme park, Astroworld, which is the influence behind his next album title. Unfortunatley, he didn’t reveal a caption with the post, so who knows the purpose behind the picture, but it’s definitely another sign that it’s coming.

Check out the IG post (below) and be sure to listen to the preview of his upcoming song with SZA that’s on the way here. We’ll continue to keep you posted on Astroworld is more details are revealed.

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